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Annual Church Parochial Meeting 2020


Agenda & Minutes

Annual Report &
Financial Statements

28th August, 2020

Dear Friends In Christ,

I am very pleased to commend to you these papers (see the links on the left) which have been prepared for our annual meetings now taking place on Sunday 20th September at 11.45am, postponed from 26th April. The most important of these is the Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements which I would encourage you to read and consider prior to the meetings. I am particularly grateful to Susan our PCC Secretary and Brian our PCC Treasurer for all their hard work in preparing these documents and to Ann for printing them for distribution.

The meetings will take place in church, but for those who are still nervous about mixing with others, there will be the possibility of participating via zoom. If you have questions, particularly about the accounts, it would be helpful to Brian if you were able to let him have them before the meeting.

This has been a particularly challenging year for all of us. For several months we could not meet together to celebrate the Eucharist and all our normal events and activities had to be cancelled or postponed. One of the consequences of all this is a negative impact on our finances in this current year. Like many other charities and organisations we will need to look to a strategic programme for recovery and renewal as the effects of the pandemic are worked through.

As the people of God and members of Christ’s Church we know that the Lord is gracious and that when we place our trust in Him great and unexpected things can happen. As people Christ has called to share in His mission, we should always expect to see signs of recovery and renewal wherever and whenever God is at work among us.

We will now be celebrating our 800th anniversary year next year and we can use this as a focus for the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the church here in Pulborough. We need everyone of you to play your part in this process of recovery and renewal, so that we can look forward together with that confidence and hope that the Lord gives us when we are being faithful to Him.

With love in Christ,
Fr Paul.