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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

I am somewhat reluctant to wish you all a happy New Year as, in the circumstances, it might sound a little hollow. As we begin 2021 things are far from ‘happy’ as we are witnessing spiralling infection rates, large numbers of deaths due to the Coronavirus and tighter restrictions imposed on all of us.  The year is certainly not starting as we would have wished with the problems caused by the pandemic behind us!

We naturally plan ahead with some kind of ordered routine, clear schedules and recognised limits of space and time.  However, the virus doesn’t of course fit in with our proposed timetables.  So we begin the year not being clear about what we can hope for, what arrangements and plans we can make and when we might resume some of our much-loved pastimes and activities.

The start of this year reminds us of the realisation that we are not ultimately in control of so many things and therefore we need to co-operate with others to meet the needs of these challenging times. We also have to recognise how far we depend on the resources of our environment maintaining a great respect and appreciation for the interconnectedness of the natural world around us.

The great achievements of science have given us the possibility of the way out of this pandemic with the rollout of the vaccines.  We also need to embrace that hope of which this is a sign that better times are ahead.

In the Bible we learn that hope is one of those things which has an eternal quality and to live hopefully is to have a life-giving outlook on the world.  For Christians, Jesus is the basis for this sense of hopefulness as He teaches us and reveals to us the truth that we should not fear.  As the scriptures declare, “perfect love casts out fear”.

As there is no fear in love let us, despite the present challenges, try to be evermore loving in all our relationships in 2021.  This will reduce the possibility that we will have something to fear but can remain hopeful through it all.

May God bless us all this year as we truly look forward to what we must hope for!


Take care and God bless.

With my prayers and best wishes,
Fr Paul Seaman (Rector of Pulborough)


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