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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

At the end of this month on Ash Wednesday (26th),the Church enters the season of Lent. This is the Church's period of preparation for the celebration of Easter. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Church's springtime ', it invites us to look forward to the approach of spring ,when we can hopefully put the dark weeks of winter behind us. However, It also invites us to look to our inner lives, prompting us to self-examination and an inner spiritual renewal .

As you may recall, we are marking the 800th anniversary of the building  of the present church here in Pulborough; a building that has seen so much change and development over the centuries- if only those stones could talk! While the world of the 13th century was very different from our lives now in 2020,  local people still grappled with the same  basic challenges and demands of life. People, then as now,  sought to care for loved ones, attended to their own health and wellbeing , tried to carve out a living and generally speaking, sought to do what was right. The difference is, that all of this was done in 1220,  in the context of a generally accepted view of the world and our origins and destiny as human beings.

Now in 2020, there are many world views and the Christian story is just one of them. This reality can be seen as a great opportunity to have some challenging discussions and debates about the nature of life in this world, our relationship with the rest of the natural environment and what has meaning and purpose for each of us.

Lent is a good time to consider some of those' big questions' in the light of our own experiences, instead of just living for the day and the largely unfulfilling trends and fashions of the time. In the Christian story there is meaning and purpose in all that is around us. This is  most significantly made clear in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However there are questions that still remain unanswered for many Christians and it is always good to discuss and debate these things with others, whether they be people of faith or not. I, for one, value the wonders and insights of science and see scientific study and discovery  as a gift from God. For me, science tries to answer the question 'How ?' with its accompanying questions, while my insights from the Christian story try to answer the large dimensions of the question 'Why?’

In this coming springtime, why not look again at the basic questions about life that beset us all as human beings, taking time to consider if there is a better answer than that which we have come up with so far!

May God bless you in all your searchings and strivings. 

With my prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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