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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

'Stay connected'

This is something we are all being encouraged to do during these strange and challenging times. We all appreciate the need to stay close to each other, even though we cannot physically be with many friends and family members at the present time. This is particularly challenging for those who live alone, those self-isolating and all those who can't bring solace and comfort to loved ones in their sickness or distress.

My hope, along with many others, is that there will be good things to come out of this current crisis, along with the many hardships and casualties that will inevitably come about. For many people this time will be an opportunity to focus on people and areas of life that we too often take for granted. Being deprived of many of our pastimes and hobbies, our means of employment and access to the freedoms and liberties we are used to enjoying should cause us to re-evaluate things and get a better sense of perspective on our life and what is really important.

Most of us realise that it is other people who really give meaning and purpose to life and so not being with others means that life is impoverished as a result of their absence. On a lighter note, I have really appreciated the opportunities I have had to get to know my immediate neighbours and meet new people as I have walked around the village on my daily exercise, (all socially distanced of course!)

For Christians there is a real sense of our connection with all other members of the Church, whether at home or abroad, living or departed. In Christ we cannot be separated from each other as we are bound by those invisible bonds of love we have in him. Even so, as human beings we also need those physical acts of reassurance that tell us we do matter to each other and we are truly connected to all members of the human family.

At this time we are very conscious of the suffering of many people all around the world as a result of coronavirus but also because of many other ongoing problems and troubles. In our little part of the world we need to make sure that no one feels unconnected and we support everyone we can, however we can.

May God help us to meet the many challenges of this present time and to come through, hopefully having been changed in some way for the good!


With my prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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