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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

We all have a story to tell!

This has been particularly apparent in recent days, as we have been looking back over the last year and reflecting on how different people have managed the restrictions and demands of these challenging times. The journey we have all been on this last year has been compared to a storm which we have all gone through, but the vessels in which we have travelled have varied considerably so the experience has been unique to each of us.

Jesus, along with other spiritual teachers, appreciated the power of story-telling to convey important truths. His parables have much to teach us about the way we might view the world and how to foster good healthy relationships. While noting these messages in the stories he told, we can also look to the story of His life to help us cope with the ups and downs of our own lives. One obvious example is the story of Jesus stilling the storm, as He and His disciples are out on the Sea of Galilee. We can reflect on this event and consider how, in the storms of life which hit all of us at times, there is the possibility of knowing peace and calm even in the rough times.

The story at the heart of the Christian faith and the climax of the story of Jesus’  earthly life is the Easter story which we focus on at the beginning of this month. In fact 1st April is Maundy Thursday, the day that marks the beginning of the Easter Festival. Due to the ongoing restrictions our celebrations will once again be a little restrained this year. However,  the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus will never lose the power to potentially transform our view of our destiny as human beings and our place in the story of the history of the world.

Whether you are a committed Christian, a non-believer or a serious sceptic, I invite you to familiarise yourself with the Easter story and consider how, in the light of this wonderful story of human suffering and tragedy, of hope and new beginnings, you might view your life differently.

Easter asserts that the power of love can win through in all and any situation, however bleak and daunting and we have seen many examples of this in this last year as people have reached out selflessly to others in so many ways. God’s purpose is that we might know this love deep within ourselves, as clearly revealed to us in Jesus’ own life, death and resurrection. By  knowing this, we get a taste of that life that transcends even death and which ultimately makes sense of each of those unique stories that are the stories we each have to tell.

Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter as we look forward to better times ahead.


Fr Paul Seaman (Rector of Pulborough)


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