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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

'if you go down to the woods today....'

Many of you will recognise these words as the opening words to the song
 ' Teddy Bears' Picnic'.  At St Mary's on the first Sunday of July (7th), we are encouraging everyone, old and young, to bring their teddy bear to church on that Sunday. This is not a gimmick or a frivolous exercise, but rather an attempt to highlight the work of FSW (Family Support Work), with many other churches in the Diocese of Chichester.

Family Support Work (FSW) is described as the 'Sussex charity for children', in which we aim to achieve our vision to help provide a strong family for every child in Sussex.

It's interesting to note how many older people have kept their favourite teddy bear from childhood, as it represents fond memories and happy times growing up. Teddy bears can provide some comfort and a sense of security for a young child, when things around them may not feel very happy or settled.  FSW, through its family practitioners seeks to support vulnerable families. It does this by offering direct personal assistance to families in trouble or who are struggling for a variety of reasons. We hope to give children that comfort and a sense of security, by directly helping parents who are facing particular challenges at any given time.

In St Mary's we have a basket in which to place groceries and other household items, which form part of a bank of available provisions to provide on-going support to needy families. As part of our thanksgiving to God for the bounty of goods that we receive, we try to share something of what we have with those who need some extra help here in our county, despite the plenty we see around us.

Please remember FSW when considering your charitable giving and also think about donating gifts to fill our basket. In the New Testament Jesus is quoted as saying ' is more blessed to give than to receive.' In this way may we all be more greatly blest.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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