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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter everybody!

Easter Day itself falls on 1st April this year. However, Eastertide lasts for seven weeks, during which time Christians continue celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This truth is at the heart of the faith of  all those who call themselves Christians.

For all of us, this time of year is a season of new beginnings as much of the natural world continues waking up from its winter sleep. We often appreciate these signs of new life as a source of encouragement that better weather might be on the way and summer is not far off.

Having said that, we know that sadly, at any time of the year, any of us can receive devastating and life-changing news which may have the potential of changing our whole outlook on life. This, coupled with depressing and discouraging developments in world affairs, might suggest that things will never get any better.

Whatever our situation, Eastertide celebrates that, even in the seemingly hopeless times, there is the promise of brighter times ahead. The message that Jesus brings and the life he offers speaks to us about the triumph and power of love; a love which is truly the means to life in all its fullness .


With prayers and blessing to you all

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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