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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

Do you remember when…?  As I see the years pass by I find myself asking this question more frequently of family and friends.  From a very early age we store up all sorts of memories both good and bad.  Sadly we are all very well aware of the devastating effect that memories of traumatic or painful experiences have on individual lives.  This is also true of whole communities and different groups of people across the world, as well as within our own nation.

 November is the month when we particularly highlight the positive benefits of remembering.  Many of us will be wearing our poppies with pride as we recall those whose lives were taken from them in two world wars and in more recent and on-going conflicts.  It is hard for us to imagine the impact upon this village of the loss of so many young lives in the theatre of wars and conflicts of previous generations.  Those of us in Pulborough who follow in their footsteps remember them with pride and gratitude.  Through their efforts and forbearance we are able to enjoy so much of what was denied them in their own time.

In November we particularly thank God for all who have worked to make this world a better place and have now gone to their rest. We also thank God for those who today, continue to work to ensure that others, especially the most vulnerable, are treated with the compassion and given the respect which they need.

Pray God that we might be counted among those who make a difference for good within our own community.

With my prayers and best wishes to you all.

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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