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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman (May)

Dear Friends,

It is interesting to note how, during the course of the pandemic, we have become more familiar with certain words and phrases that up until now, weren’t often heard, if at all. The concept of ‘social distancing’ and being ‘on furlough’ are just two examples! It is not now unusual to hear of people’s working patterns as representing a ‘hybrid’ model, namely a mixture of home working and working from ‘the office’.

Working from home is something many have got used to over the last two years and some really appreciate the advantages of not having to commute. However for others, especially those who live alone, this has been a difficult transition to make. Most now see that meeting with colleagues in person, at least from time to time, is fundamentally important to ensure effective working relationships and good mental health. Being part of some kind of community is something most of us value and that sense of belonging is something we all need to have, to a lesser or greater extent.

In May there are some local opportunities to ‘get more involved’ and become more aware of what exists in our own neighbourhood. On Friday 6th May at 6.30pm in the Village Hall there is a ‘Welcome to Pulborough’ event for those who are new to the area or have only been here for a short time. This will be a very informal get together to hear from those who have been living here for sometime about what this village and parish has to offer. May is also the month when  the Annual meeting of our Parish Council takes place. This year it is on Thursday 12th May at 7pm in the Village Hall when we can hear about local projects and concerns, as well as meeting representatives of different organisations and hearing about their activities. Please do make the most of these opportunities to find out more and meet some new people.

In the church we talk about each member being a part of the body. This idea comes from the New Testament and it is a model that many see as fundamental to the nature of the church. Every ‘member’ of the body, however seemingly insignificant, is vital to the effective functioning of the whole and therefore has a unique part to play. In the best communities where this sort of idea is lived out, there arises many blessings as a better and more inclusive
society is created for the benefit of all.

May God continue to bless us in this place as we rejoice in all that is around us.


With my prayers and best wishes,
Fr Paul Seaman (Rector of Pulborough)


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