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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

As the months pass by July brings us to the end of the school or academic year and what a year it has been for all our schools, colleges and universities. Having had the disruptions of last year to contend with, who would have thought then that school life would still be far from normal at the end of this year?

In this village we are very fortunate in having a school which is at the heart of our community and a place that evokes happy memories for many in the parish. Indeed our current and outstanding headteacher was herself a pupil there.
I have been so impressed with how the staff team at the school have managed these ongoing difficult times. The first priority has always been the safety and welfare of the children and staff, alongside maximising opportunities for learning in a diversity of ways meeting the challenges presented by the pandemic. I am immensely proud of our church school and the many ways in which it creates good life- long memories for our pupils.

I’ve heard it said a number of times that ‘your school days are the best days of your life’. It is hard to believe that when you are actually at school, but many of us, whose school days are some time in the past, know that there is some truth in this! This can be true if your school days were happy ones, but sadly for some school days evoke very painful memories of bullying, rejection , marginalisation and exclusion. This has been the lived experience of those who were different and didn’t conform to what was the norm.
Sadly children can be very cruel without really appreciating the extent of the hurt and pain that they cause others. So instead of good memories of school life, some individuals carry with them long lasting painful memories which have a negative effect of their future prospects and relationships. Fortunately we are now much more aware of all this and the damage such experiences do to our mental health.

At St Mary’s School we aim to help children think about how they treat each other and the need to be careful about what they say and the way they speak to each other.

Like so much of what is now learnt in school, we are educating for life and to encourage a life- long education.

Those of us who look back to those happy days at school should continue to learn that it always matters what we say and how we speak to each other and we all need to be good role models for our young people.

May God help us, through our words and actions, to always build one another up and create a more accepting and healthy society.


With my prayers and best wishes
Fr Paul Seaman (Rector of Pulborough)


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