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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

'Autumn Days'

There is something to be said for living in a place where the sun shines for much of the year and the temperature stays relatively warm for most of the time. However, it is also good to live in a place like the UK where we experience the rhythm of the seasons with the changes in the natural landscape that reflect each period of the year. We have now definitely moved into the autumn season and look forward to those beautiful autumn colours .

With autumn, we look to the celebration of the harvest and give thanks for all those ‘good gifts around us', to quote that well known harvest hymn. At St Mary's Church we are holding our 'all age Harvest Celebration 'on Sunday 6th October at 10.30am to which all are invited when we are giving thanks for the bounty of Sussex . Come and sing some traditional harvest hymns and some newer compositions which will be more  familiar to the children of our school.

One important way of saying thanks to God for all that we receive and enjoy here in Sussex is to  consider seriously what we regularly purchase and consume and how much of this we waste. The crisis which is ‘climate change' is now very widely publicised and we are challenged regularly by the facts and figures presented to us. If you are like me, this can all seem very overwhelming! So perhaps we start by looking at our own consumption and how much we throw away, whether we are talking about food or clothes or whatever it might be?. How much water do we waste and how thoughtless are we when we discard what we don't need?

As always, those small things that we can do, along with more careful attention to what we take so much for granted can, along with many other people doing the same things, make a big difference to how we care for the precious resources of the planet that need to be cherished and shared by all.

Let's all rejoice in the bounty of Sussex this harvest -time and recognise that we are indeed greatly blest!

With my prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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