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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

In England August is usually seen as a holiday month with schools in the midst of their summer vacation and regular programmes of activities suspended to allow workers and volunteers to have a break. This year feels very different as we continue to deal with the fall out of the current pandemic. Many children and young people have been off school since March and the work patterns for many have been seriously disrupted. It seems as if the days, weeks and months have all merged into one another and we are missing those important events and occasions that punctuate the course of the year.

As we move towards the Autumn we are still not clear how things are going to look and what we will be able to do, so having the energy and motivation to plan and organise anything is a real challenge. However, it is always important to keep that flame of hope burning and to look forward with optimism, despite these uncertainties about the future. Where we can move forward we should give things a chance and take that calculated risk we need to take, as we can  always find a reason not to do things. After all we can't live in a risk-free world, even after we have undertaken all those risk assessments!

One of the potential advantages of these strange times is the possibility of enjoying the present moment, as even the near future is uncertain. In the midst of the frustrations and worries of not being able to plan things, our attention is more focused on the hear and now, taking each day and week as it comes! In our usual need to look ahead to what's coming up, perhaps we sometimes miss something of what is unfolding right in front of us at the present time?

Living each day as if it is the first day and the last day of our lives is not a bad attitude of mind to have, assuming we don't throw our sense of duty and responsibility to the wind! Cherishing and valuing the ordinary things of each day might well be a positive outcome of our current way of living. In God's time every moment is precious and passing and nothing is to be taken for granted.

May God bless us in these summer days and free us from being anxious about what may well never come about!

With my prayers and best wishes,
Fr Paul Seaman (Rector of Pulborough)


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