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A Message from Fr Paul Seaman

Dear Friends,

As usual, the year is moving on fast with March heralding the beginning of spring. We can look forward to longer days and the many signs of new life awakening from the sleep of winter. We are so fortunate to live on the edge of the South Downs National Park with beautiful countryside all around us.

Signs of new life and hope are particularly needed at this time with the natural world giving us confidence to look to the days of summer. In the meantime, we continue to wonder about our country's future outside the European Union, with opposing voices seeking to assure us or disturb us about what awaits us all!

In the Christian world view there is always reason to look ahead hopefully, as Christians see in Jesus Christ the pattern and purpose of live in this world. March 6th is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, when many Christians start the preparation for Easter. During this time we are encouraged to reflect upon the state of our lives and the quality of our life in community. It is a great time to take stock; to find time to pause and reflect in the midst of a busy and hectic world.

Maybe we might re-assess some of our beliefs and attitudes; to think a little differently about those things we hold dear? Maybe we have to be prepared to compromise, not a 'dirty word', but a noble thing to do if it means we find a new way forward together.

May God bless us in the days ahead, always heeding the words of the risen Christ, who comes to meet us this Easter and  says to us all
“ Do not be afraid”


May God continue to bless us all.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Fr. Paul Seaman  (Rector of Pulborough)


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